As in ‘Who needs a Talkin-Tee?’

Most of the time, it boils down to this—
talkin' tees - 03-02-2022 - by steve rigell - https://talkin-tees.com/who/

but that's a good thing

It can happen to anyone, any time, anywhere, without warning.

Needing a Talkin-Tee is kinda like the urge to get a tattoo, but not as permanent… or painful.

But it’s also kinda like waiting for your birthday when you’re nine years old.

Some people have even described it as like being somewhere you don’t want to leave.

But the best description I’ve every heard is it’s like a combination of when you know there is magic in the air and you know you are doing the right thing.

which is a good thing

Cuz then you get to decide which kind of magic you want on your chest.

Magic is in the air, but not all magic is the same.

So with magic, you always go with what feels right, cuz you know that’s where the magic is. It’s just that simple. You just know it. That’s what makes it magic.

Now, if you want to learn more about the magic in Talkin-Tees, check out this photo-essay about the folks who wear Talkin-Tees.

But if you’re ready to jump right into the magic, here’s what we’ve got for you today…