A photo-essay about the folks who wear
Talkin' Tees.

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fashion that speaks your mind

talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

Some people...

… don’t want people to remember them. They don’t enjoy meeting new people who share their interests and feelings. They  would rather not draw attention to themselves. And that’s cool.

But, if you’ve discovered the magic of conversations and value the power of relationships, if you appreciate friendships and treasure trust, read on to learn more about the people who wear Talkin-Tees and discover just a few of the things Talkin-Tees can do for you.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

If you're really young...

… let’s face it, everyone has opinions, everybody has a little attitude, the earlier you learn how to express yourself with humor and good-will, the better. And there’s no better way than wearing a Talkin-Tee.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

If you're youngish...

… and you want to be sociable you won’t need to perfect your pickup lines or learn how to flirt. You’ll never be left wondering if someone is interested in you. There will be no doubt… with a Talkin-Tee.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

If you're middle-aged...

… you know how hard it is to meet new people. Want to know what works way better than a dating app? … A Talkin-Tee. Want to know what makes a dating app even better? … A Talkin-Tee.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

If you're even a bit older...

… when you’re old enough, you know how important serendipity is. A lot of good things happen by chance in this world. And, well… there is a lifetime supply of serendipity built right into every Talkin-Tee. If you want good things to happen, have your Talkin-Tee handy. And wear it! When you’re in search of serendipity, ain’t nothin’ better than a Talkin-Tee.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

So... who doesn't need a Talkin-Tee?

Well, if you’re uncomfortable with people trying to read the words on your chest while they’re pretending to be looking into your eyes, Talkin-Tees may not be for you, but other than that…
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

Choose your attitude and get on out there!

Here’s how to create an outfit that gets attention! Mix and match your mood with your Talkin-Tees attitude for an endless number of compelling combos.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

I'm gonna be up front with you

You need to put your chest to work for you, even though it may cover up some skin. What better way to tell the world who you are? I mean it’s right there under your face. No one can look at you without seeing what you’re saying with your chest.
That’s valuable real estate!
No reason to put somebody else’s message on your chest unless they’re paying you. Your chest is about you. It’s personal. You know. That’s just how it is. So why not be up front with it?
talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

Forget about falling in love!

Falling in love is easy — effortless by some accounts. Fall into friendship instead. Friendship is a different kind of love. It can last longer and be even more of what you really want out of a relationship. Friends are where it’s at.
talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

So, how do Talkin-Tees work?

In order to make a friend, you have to have a conversation in order to find out if you’ve got something in common.
Every Talkin-Tee is an invitation to a conversation. In-person conversations.
Conversations with friends and neighbors. Conversations with people you have not yet met — your new friends.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

You'll be unstoppable

If you’re wearing a Talkin-Tee, you’ve already started the conversation, and, best of all, you’ve started it with a phrase that is comfortable for you.

talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

Friendships lead to stories

Stories about adventures and opportunities. Stories you want to be involved in. Stories you don’t want to miss. Shared experiences and intimate moments.
Friendships are opportunities for shared experiences. Which lead to more stories.
It doesn’t get any better than that.
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

Better than TV

That’s not a very high bar, but why not give people a reason to look up from their screens. We don’t talk to one another in person as much as we used to. We are poorer for it. We should know our neighbor’s names and whether they have a sense of humor.
If you are going to be talking to people choose someone you can laugh with. It’s always more fun to talk to someone you can laugh with.
Or, let your Talkin-Tee help you choose, just by being there. These things are magnets for meeting people!
talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

The one thing that's missing

She could be wondering where you are. She could be wishing you were there with her. Personally, I think she’s wistfully wishing it were warmer outside so she could take off that sweater, cuz underneath she’s wearing one of her Talkin-Tees.

talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

Talkin-Tees tap into shared feelings

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'”
– C.S. Lewis
Such an insight! I know if C.S. Lewis were alive today, he would be rockin’ a Talkin-Tee with a chill quote on it. This is exactly what Talkin-Tees do. Mr. Lewis mos’ def’ gets it.
talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

Let's talk about well-being

You don’t normally hear t-shirt companies touting the health benefits of their t-shirts. That’s because, unlike Talkin-Tees, where every Talkin-Tee has health benefits, most t-shirts don’t.
When you’re wearing a Talkin-Tee, you’re feeling good. Feeling good is good for you. It’s just that simple.
talkin' tees - 12-02-2021 - by steve rigell -

There's magic in the air

Talkin-Tees are like a magic cloak from a fairy tale. Just put on your Talkin-Tee and walk out into the world, and the conversations will find you.
You’ve never had a t-shirt work this hard for you. Talkin-Tees never quit working (cuz this kind of work is pure pleasure).
talkin' tees - 12-01-2021 - by steve rigell -

But, the real magic...

The real magic is what’s in the heart inside a Talkin-Tee.  You are the one who puts the magic in a Talkin-Tee. Talkin-Tees just love being worn by good-hearted folks. People who believe in the magic of conversations to make deep and lasting connections with other people. That’s the real magic.

we have Four kinds of magic to choose from...